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Controlling Asbestos

If you are responsible for maintaining any type of property that is over 8 years old with the exception of a domestic house , you must have an asbestos management plan by law. Failure to comply can result in:-

Closure of the premises
Personal fines of up to £20,000
Disqualification from Directorship
A custodial sentence

This may sound extreme but asbestos is potentially a very dangerous substance - currently in the UK, 3,500 people die each year as a result of exposure to asbestos. In addition, many insurance companies may refuse to renew your policy unless you have identified any potential asbestos risks and developed an asbestos management plan.

***********News Clip -Nov 2007***********

Killer Hugs
A woman who developed terminal asbestos  related lung cancer from hugs off her Dad more than 40 years ago was yesterday awarded £100k. The womans late father was an asbestos lagger at MOD Dockyards in Plymouth 

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