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Fleet Health and Safety

Fire Safety Awareness Training (Half Day)

                                   Who can attend this course


                                   Anyone can attend this course to give individuals a good 

                                  understanding of fire safety in the workplace 

Course Details

The course can be made bespoke to your workplace.
The course is interactive allowing delegates to ask questions and participate in the course. 

All of our courses are interesting,  memorable and enjoyable.

Delegates will complete a short written test. 

Successful delegates will receive a training certificate

Course Details

Our Fire Safety Awareness Training will help you to :-

Identify the common causes fire

Learn about the behaviour of fire

Understand fire prevention

Understand the methods of fire spreading

Understand the importance of fire drills and safe evacuation

Implement fire precaution measures in the workplace

How to raise the alarm

Know what to do if you discover a fire

Fire Safety Awareness

£45 / person