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Fleet Health and Safety

Making your workplace Covid secure

As business return to work, there are four main areas  that should be considered

  1. Safe People  Discuss your arrangements for a safe return to work with your employees and communicate your Covid Policy with them. Keep in regular contact with those working from home. This could be via zoom or teams, a telephone call or a regular quiz that involves all staff. Encourage staff to discuss any concerns about mental health and well being. Try to offer varied tasks if possible and allow flexibility
  2. Safe Workplace   Make sure  you have a Covid risk assessment in place that covers returning to work. Consider who might be at risk and how. Add in control measures to eliminate or reduce the risk such as social distancing, hand sanitising, adding mechanical ventilation, regular cleaning, signage and PPE. 
  3. Safe Equipment   Mandatory inspections should still  be carried out and it is important to liase with external providers to discuss how they can safely do this. Some checks can be carried out in-house such as checking plugs and sockets and checking equipment for damage or defects
  4. Safe Systems   Your management system should include Policy, Organisation, Risk Management & Controls, Monitoring and Reporting

Do you need advice on occupational health and safety to manage the risks of Covid-19, including returning people to work safely? We are  here to help you  and just a phone call away.

If you sign up to our “Competent Person” service, you also have access to Covid advice, which can help you understand your employers’ legal obligations when returning employees back to the workplace. 


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