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Fleet Health and Safety

Two workers killed in separate farming accidents

Farmers and farm workers are being urged to prioritise safety after two people were killed in separate farm accidents this month. 

On June 7th, a worker was killed after falling from height whilst removing roof sheets from a cattle shed on a farm in Hampshire. Just one week later, a farmer in his 30’s died after falling into a slurry pit in Derbyshire

More than 50 people have died in farm accidents in the past 12 months

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The HSE say

In most other industries, deaths and injuries are decreasing but in farming numbers have remained steady over recent years. The reasons for this include more farmers having to work alone, using more powerful machinery and an ageing work force.

On average, three people a month do not make it home to their families. That’s three families who won’t be sharing any more time together with their loved one.

Investment into Farm Safety training  raises awareness of the hazards and risks in the agriculture industry. Training is also a legal requirement

Our team at Fleet Health & Safety have many years experience in agriculture and farming. In fact, it is our speciality.
We can provide Farm Safety Awareness Training bespoke to your farm and delivered onsite at your own premises

Fleet Health & Safety  have produced a Farm Safety Training DVD available to purchase on our website.

Filmed on real working farms across SW Scotland and produced in collaberation with #ifilmu video productions 

The DVD is suitable for farm owners, managers and employees alike.

It covers all the main hazards you would encounter on a working farm and includes real life events from people who have experienced an accident or ill health during farm operations

 Despatched on DVD or USB. Can also be sent electronically

You can find more info here…/farm-safety…/